About The Owner

Dustin was born in 1989 and grew up in Tasmania, Australia. After applying and being accepted to join the army as a rifleman in 2007 Dustin completed his training at Kapooka and Singleton before being posted to the 7th Royal Australian Regiment in Darwin. 

After leaving the army and early in 2015 Dustin considered a question he had heard proposed while watching a documentary and it was essentially, "what are your skillsets and how can you use them to help?" After remembering a discussion he had with his best friend some time ago about joining an anti-poaching group to protect the rhinoceros he started researching where to put those skills to use.


After some in depth research and discussions with potential groups to volunteer with he choose two, one in South Africa and one in Zimbabwe. In 2015 after months of planning and with the help of family, friends and even complete strangers in the form of their time, money or both Dustin left for Africa for three months where he would complete a five week anti-poaching course to volunteer as an anti-poaching ranger. Over the next five weeks he would learn how to track humans and animals, operate different weapon systems, understand animal behaviour particularly the Big 5 and how to detain suspects among other things. In his time there he witnessed first hand the brutal destruction of our wildlife and the complexity of the situation.

This rhino was shot 5 times before being killed for it's horn. The poachers were disrupted but ultimately escaped into the night.

These experiences, particularly while in Africa, helped fuel the fire to want to make a bigger difference and get more people involved in conservation by the way of promoting ethical conservation efforts and helping people connect with those programs. In 2017 he visited Africa again so he could see first hand the groups he would hope to be sending volunteers to in the future and ensure their suitability. Dustin now resides in Adelaide, Australia and is working towards building a community based around conservation and growing and expanding Global Guardians Volunteering in Australia and around the world.




Dustin (far left) in 2015



A conservation effort in Zimbabwe 2017





Sudan the rhino taking a mud bath in Kenya 2017