Anti-Poaching Training Options

Pathfinder Anti-Poaching Level One
$3300 AUD, 5 Weeks
Make a difference today to protect iconic wildlife here in Africa. This intensive 5 week training programme will provide trainees with the fundamental theoretical knowledge and valuable practical experience to be placed in the field as Anti-Poaching Rangers. TAC TRAC creates and equip APU’s (Anti-Poaching Units) with relevant skills and appropriate equipment which will radically enhance their effectiveness in the field and their safety. The reserve has been designed from the ground up to replicate and prepare their graduates for hostile environments, and to provide unparalleled facilities (both indoor and outdoor). It is as beautiful as it is challenging. Join us today to help protect our wildlife.
Dedicated Marksman Course
$2500 AUD, 3 Days
The role of the marksman is a force multiplier. With a small unit of men you can cover large geographical areas and secure wildlife assets. Your teams can be used as a valuable asset for intelligence gathering through correctly placed observation posts. The course teaches long distance engagements that effectively deploy with the relevant specialist skills and you will learn the foundational level for a wildlife protection marksman including range estimation, target detection and tracking.