Tac Trac

The Tac Trac Combat Tracking initiative, has been formed as a response to the onslaught of criminal acts against the wildlife of the african continent on a daily basis. They are a Non Government Organisation, privately funded and have at an organisational level dedicated themselves to fight back in the most effective way. There is an obvious need for training, re-training, supplying of up-to-date weapons, equipment, and the formation of new anti-poaching units throughout the African continent. If we don't address this problem now we will lose animals such as the rhino, pangolin and elephant within just several years. They will become photos in text books, youtube video clips and memories of those lucky enough to have seen them, just as the Western Black Rhino has sadly already become. The loss of these animals will have a devastating effect on the wildlife job market and career paths as well as severely impacting the tourism industry of Africa and ultimately the Gross Domestic Product.

At Tac Trac they have a highly specialised course that has been developed with hostile environments in mind. Man tracking teams are used extensively in anti-poaching, specialised military units, law enforcement and border patrol. The work of a Ranger/anti-poaching officer is always physically and mentally demanding, dangerous at both an individual and unit level. Tac Trac's mission is to provide a superlative training platform for theory and practical courses as well as to form and equip anti-poaching units with the right skills and equipment to improve their effectiveness in the field and ensure their own safety.

 What To Expect

This course is a unique insight into a side of conservation that few have or will get to experience. It is designed to train participants in the various aspects of being an anti-poaching ranger so they can effectively protect our wildlife. You will arrive in Cape Town the day before the training starts where you will be picked up by a member of Tac Trac and transported to Touwsrivier, a small town 2-3 hours North East of Cape Town. The drive takes you through a spectacular mountain range before you arrive at Rangers Reserve, Tac Tracs training academy. 

You will spend the next two weeks training at the reserve to prepare you for operating in the African bush. This will include a variety of training and is essential so you know what to be aware of and how to react when working in this environment particularly when involving the Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino) and Africa's other wildlife. The next part of your course will be spent in the Eastern Cape in the field honing your skills and learning new ones. You will learn skills such as but not limited to;

  • Arrest and restraint protocols
  • Tracking
  • Vehicle searching
  • Field craft
  • Survival craft
  • Dangerous game approaches
  • First aid
  • Use of various firearms
  • Tac Trac's close quarters combat system
  • Crime scene protocols

The course is intentionally built to be strenuous and hard. It is a programme that is conditioning you to be a strong team player in the role of anti-poaching. You will be living and working in the bush, with ration food that can get you through long nights of ambush, and days of patrol. Life is outdoors and living under the sky or tarps. You are going to be pushed, you are going ache, you are going to understand what it takes to be a team player. Be prepared for a tough programme, that will bring you out the other side a strong, committed person having found an inner strength that is dedicated to the protection of conservation and wildlife.

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How You'll be Helping

  • You'll be supporting Tac Trac and in turn the future training of rangers wanting to protect our wildlife

  • By getting the right training as an anti-poaching ranger you'll be able to effectively deploy in the field to help stop poaching

Other Activities

  • Tac Trac provide a dedicated marksman course to increase you or your teams effectiveness in the field. You will get taught how to shoot over long distances. (See our dedicated marksman course)
  • They also provide further training options once you have completed the level one training. Enquire with us as to what they are.



Mike Baragwanath 

"I'm from overseas and recently completed the Tac Trac APU Level 1 course at Limpopo. The level of training provided combined with the facilities and top notch instructors is incredible. The amount of information and specialised training absorbed in this five week course is mind blowing. If you want to do something with your life where you can truly make a difference in this world this is the course for you. You must be dedicated however but if you want to really push yourself and find your mental and physical limits while training within a team environment you will not be disappointed. I'd score Tac Trac a 10 if I could. Thank you Tac Trac."

Dawi Van Schalkwyk

"I think the last 5 weeks i learned more than ive learned in the 12 years in school. What a great experience and learning curve. I would realy recommend this course to anyone who wants to help in not only saving the rhinos but conserving all wildlife against the poachers. Thanks to all the instructors who is helping to train the best of best anti-poachers, all of you with your own skills and knowledge thank you for helping us understand what there is to do and that there is a lot of work to be done. For me there is still a lot to be learned and you will definitely see me soon. My thoughts go out to all the APU's out there and the tac trac team! BY DEEDS NOT WORDS!"



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About the Reserve

The reserve has been designed from the ground up to replicate and prepare our graduates for hostile environments, and to provide unparalleled facilities (both indoor and outdoor). It is as beautiful as it is challenging. 

General Information

This is an opportunity to see Africa in a way few will ever get to. Make a difference while experiencing Africa from a unique perspective.


$3300 as of 1st April 2019


5 Weeks


11th November 2019

10th Feb 2020

What To Do Next

Enquire with Global Guardians Volunteering as to availability and your eligibility for the program and for us to answer any questions you may have. If eligible we will then send you the required paperwork to complete and secure your position on the course. From there we are here to help you each step of the way so you get the most out of your volunteering experience.

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Transportation – on site and specified off site travel

All training



All uniform for use during training (excluding boots, socks, underwear)

Badge upon passing level 1

Relevant equipment


Certification & Competencies

GGV T-shirt

Global Guardians Volunteering Services Package 


Flights. This is a land only package but flights can be purchased through an agent and we can give you advice in this area.


2 courses per year max 14 ppl per course. Men and women can apply  

Boots (please ensure you have really durable, comfortable boots you can walk and stand in without fatigue, they are the ones to bring) 

You can look at visa requirements here http://www.home-affairs.gov.za/index.php/applying-for-sa-visa

Summer is November through March and Winter June through August with June typically being the wettest month so pack some dry bags just in case.


Included in this program are the services of Global Guardians Volunteering in order to ensure all your questions are answered and the process is as easy as possible.


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 Refund Guarantee

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