"I found Dustin and Global Guardians Volunteering when a project i was going to in Zimbabwe suddenly shut their door so to speak, and stopped taking in volunteers. As I had my mind set in stone to go to that place, I was kind of lost but after a LOT of google-attempts i found Global Guardians Volunteering and after the first email with Dustin i felt right at home. We (me and a friend that will go to Tac Trac Anti-Poaching course now in Feb, beautifully arranged by Dustin) have been treated with such kindness, professionalism and an obvious will to help out, that you very seldom see today. Dustin truly cares and want you to have a great experience and what ever the problem is, he will not only have the greatest of patience (and lord knows I have tried his with all our changes) he will make sure everything falls into place. I have volunteered at different places over the world and know an heartfelt, great service when I see one.

I am sure I speak both for me and my friend I will travel with, when I say we have nothing but the best to say about Dustin and Global Guardians Volunteering, and I am VERY happy i got in contact with them/Dustin.

What ever travel arrangements or what ever course you got into contact with them/Dustin for, have no doubt what so ever that you will be in the best of hands.

Very highly recommended."