Volunteer options in Zimbabwe

Rhino and Elephant Conservation
From $1300 AUD, 1-8 Week
This program offers a very hands on experience with the animals and with helping on the farm. Volunteers will get the chance to spend time with the rhino and elephants, learning about their behaviour and monitoring their activities, feeding and socialisation. Be part of a genuine Black Rhino breeding program and play a role in their continued protection and security as you enjoy getting to know their eccentricities! Take an active role in conservation today.
Photography and Film Internship
From $1900 AUD, 2-8 Weeks
This internship is run alongside the Hands-on Rhino & Elephant Conservation Programme, based at Imire: Rhino & Wildlife Conservation in Zimbabwe. You will join volunteers on the project and participate in most of their daily activities, but your role will additionally be to capture video and photographic footage of the volunteers, plus photograph Imire’s animals and landscapes for use on social media and in marketing material. You may also be called on to photograph other projects around the conservancy, document Imire staff and do work in the local community.
Hands on Family Rhino and Elephant Conservation
From $1250 AUD, Per Enquiry (Min 4 pers)
This volunteer programme is a unique opportunity to live in the heart of Zimbabwe and share the experiences of a 10,000 acre family-run African game reserve. You will live in close proximity to black and white rhino, elephants, buffalo, giraffe and many other animals and birds. You will hear incredible stories, learn their history, witness amazing animal relationships and help with research projects to further our knowledge of the wildlife which surrounds you.
Horse Riding and Rhino Conservation
From $1550 AUD, 1-8 Weeks
This is a wonderful experience for horse lovers of all ages. Experience Africa in a safe environment, work hard, ride horses and become part of a very special family. This volunteer programme is a life-changing experience both for volunteers and for the staff and local community. It is a wonderful way to get involved and give something back while taking an active role in the continued protection of our wildlife.